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A native of Cali, Coliombia, Amanda has been an artist since her childhood.  After training at the Academia de Bellas Artes in Cali, Amanda dedicated herself to painting, first in inks and pastels, and later in acrylics.  

Just as she was beginning to achieve some notoriety in Colombia for her paintings, she suspended her career to marry and raise her two daughters.

Amanda moved to the US in 2000, and beginning in 2004, rededicated herself to her art.  Soon she was creating fired ceramic sculptures and selling them at local art festivals.  In 2009 Amanda fell in love with jewelry making.  For the next couple of years she dedicated herself to  "catch up" on metal forming techniques and other tricks of the jewelry trade.  In 2012 she began to show her silver and pearl creations and she's never looked back.

Always curious, Amanda is always learning new techniques, studying new styles, looking for new things to make.  This year she began to make compressed bangle bracelets out of sterling silver and macramé "lariats" with large baroque pearls and waxed hemp, and they've both attracted a following.


Look for Amanda's new styles here, or visit us at our next Art Festivals in Florida and the eastern US.  She'll remain true to her roots in Sterling Silver and Pearls, branching out from time to time with new styles.  You can be sure that her fusion of Latin roots and American influences will yield something beautiful that you will enjoy.

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